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Cochineal : day 3

I’m not a great student. Listening has always been an issue for me. Just let me see with my hands & hear with my eyes & I’ll create what I think is best. That practice has not always worked for me. However, when it comes to experimenting with the cochineal bug dye, the possibilities are endless. I can get lost in reds, purples, & pinks here. And here, that is exactly what you’re meant to do.

I’ve worked with cochineal enough to be familiar with the basics. But this afternoon with Demetrio and dyeing with cochineal, it brought it to a new level. Lime juice, ground limestone, & even baking soda was used. I’m excited to try these variations with more dyes soon.

Indigo dyed skeins hanging in the well and cochineal in the pot.

Cochineal sample skeins & weighing out marigolds for dye.

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